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Installing NEW Gas Fireplaces and Wood Heaters across Melbourne Metro.

Experienced with all major fireplace brands including Heat & Glow, Jetmaster, Vision Line, Regency and many more!

Installing NEW Fireplaces Across Melbourne.


New Fireplace Installations Across Melbourne

A new fireplace installation will create that snug feeling on those cold nights, adding a sense of warmth and relaxation like only a fire can achieve. From creating a focal point with the fireplace itself, to being highly practical, getting a professional installation is easier than you think.

As fireplace specialists with extensive experience in the industry, you are in safe hands. Our teams are not only highly skilled, but the quality of our work cannot be surpassed.

Whether searching for a gas fireplace, wood heaters, or simply wishing to discover various installation options, we have you covered. Of course, you may have questions, so why not call us direct now to get all the answers you seek?

But stop your search. You have found the best installation company in your area for gas, wood, or even pizza oven installation. No matter the projects you have in place, our company is here to help.

Wood Heater Installation Melbourne

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We Are Your Local Fireplace Installation Specialists

We are not your average fireplace installers in Melbourne. We are fireplace specialists.

With many fireplace brands available, we cover all Melbourne offering quality customer service to homeowners across the city.

From installation to servicing, our team will actively listen to our customers and understand their needs. We know that trying to search for this type of product is stressful, so we aim to make the entire process as easy as possible. Our customer service team is ready to take your call, so get in touch today to find out how we can help.

This isn’t about simply installing fireplaces. This is about providing your home with a focal point that works perfectly with the space available.

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Your New Fireplace Options

After contacting us, you will quickly learn we offer a range of fireplaces to our clients. Whether you prefer wood heaters or gas heaters, we have top brand names suitable for your needs.

The same applies to the hearth or chimney. No matter your specifications, we can assure you that we have an option perfect for your home. Of course, there may be a number of contributing factors that will help in your decision.

Our team of experts are on hand to guide you towards the correct option for your home. But let’s look more closely at your options.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas log fires are a wonderful addition to any home. Easy to install and operate, they continue to be one of the most popular choice across not only Melbourne but Victoria.

Of course, gas heaters don’t require you to chop up wood to power them. With a supplier like Heatmaster, it means you can find the perfect heating system thanks to the variety of sizes on offer.

Our expert installation team will look at the size of your room before helping you select from our range of gas fireplaces.

We will take you through the model you prefer, as it’s important for us that you feel content with the finished design.

This isn’t just about adding heat to a room. It’s about it not looking out of place in your home, and that is why the design is so important.

Gas Fireplace Melbourne
Fireplace Installers Melbourne

Gas Fireplace Installation Melbourne

Gas offers a wonderful alternative if a wood fire is not a workable option for your home. The design of modern-day gas fireplaces are far superior to previous decades.

As we are experienced in the installation of gas fireplace, we have seen it all and assure you that gas log fires today far outstrip anything else we have seen.

So, what happens with these installations?

Well, after contacting us, we will advise you on the different fireplaces we have available to our customers. Our team is well versed in not only the design aspect of a fireplace that fits in with your projects but can also explain the benefits of gas log fires in your home.

Wood Heater and a Wood Fireplace

Clearly, a wood heater is different from gas, but some people prefer the sound and smell that comes with a wood fireplace.

That wood crackling can add some real warmth to any area, and that’s why this type of fireplace remains so popular.

But with a wood heater, you need to think about the flue. Having the correct flue length thanks to the size of your room is key. Our installation team can correctly advise you on this.

Of course, we stock various wood heaters at all times, and with so many impressive wood fireplaces available, this type of fireplace installation may take less time than you anticipated.

Wood Heater Installation Melbourne
Chimney Installation

Wood Heater Installations are for All Homes

If you imagined that a wood heater, or even a wood fireplace in general, was for an older home, then you would be wrong. Also, forget that it’s for those small homes where it makes everything cosy and the old flue is made of brick.

That’s not the case.

Instead, a wood heater is suitable for all environments.

Yes, it adds real warmth to your home, but that applies to any of these heaters, no matter how high the roof of your home may sit.

We will advise you not only on the clearance that’s required for this type of heater, but also how to access the heater to maintain it. We never leave our customers in the lurch at any point.

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Why Choose Us To Install Your New Fireplace?

Fireplaces and Your Budget

We have fireplaces available no matter your budget. From gas to wood, we provide quotes based not only on the fireplaces themselves, but also the installation. That way, you know what to expect with our services in advance, and with no hidden extras.

Flooring Considerations

Compliance with safety standards also covers your flooring. After all, burning wood does mean the fireplace must be on the correct base due to the heat. While wood heaters make life easier, our team of installers will check access and clearance to ensure everything is in perfect order.

Servicing and Maintenance

As well as installing, we also offer servicing and maintenance of your gas or wood heaters. These services are designed to ensure your fireplace continues to work as it should, and provide the heat you want for your home.

Complete Installation Under One Roof

With us, every aspect of the installation is covered. No need to worry about a plumber, builder, or any other trade. Our team will deal with even the finest details. So, if your chimney needs altering, or an issue with brickwork, nothing is too difficult for our team.

Contact Us Now to Discuss Your New Fireplace

With so much choice available, let us help you find the perfect wood or gas fireplaces for your home.

Our showroom provides a professional service no matter if you are looking for a repair to your current gas or wood installation, or any other type of service.

Fires are what we do. We have a number of happy customers right across greater Melbourne.

Fireplace Installation

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