How a fireplace can increase the value of your Melbourne home

Before you get a fireplace installation Melbourne, make sure you understand how it affects the value of your home.

A fireplace can be the most conspicuous and eye-catching feature of your home, for reasons that are either good and bad depending on how the fireplace is done. It is one of those installations that sway a homebuyer to seal the deal or run away from it. It can be the deciding factor when it comes to selling your house if done beautifully to either complement or establish the look inside your house.

If your fireplace has been neglected for quite some time, not only will it take a lot of work to rehabilitate, but it also can turn off potential homebuyers due to its unpleasant appearance. If you’re considering selling your home, it’s now a good time to check some articles online on how regularly you need to clean a fireplace and make it a positive feature inside your home rather than otherwise.

It can be a dilemma if you have a fireplace installation Melbourne that’s either poorly maintained or needing repairs, or worse, both. Spending money on repairs and improvements will increase the capital of your house, but if you don’t, your house might not get much interest from the home buying market.

In many parts of the world, the fireplace is regarded as one of the most sought characteristics of a house and is a huge factor in boosting the value of a house, especially when it is working well and elegant at the same time. 

Australia is a place where the real estate market can go crazy high. Australians tend to value their properties well by their willingness to spend money on improvements. If your home does not come with a built-in fireplace or a space for it, the cost of structural modifications and adjustments in order to install a fireplace can be significant. But if done right, having a new fireplace installation Melbourne will have a favourable influence on the value and marketability of your home.

It’s easy to see how a fireplace adds value to your home, more so when you consider the reasons. A fireplace that is installed right and decorated well can radiate richness and friendliness. There are types of fireplace that provide a warm feeling looking at them (aside from the literal warmth when they’re on), such as gas and wood fireplace installations. These fireplace types are the cream of the crop with their functional and cost-effective but beautiful features.

So, if you’re considering selling your house, but you want to install a fireplace or the existing fireplace needs some work, you now have a decision to make whether to go for it or leave the house as is. If you’re leaning towards having a new fireplace or repairing the existing one, we’ve listed a few points below for you to keep an eye for.


If you’re planning a remodel, renovation, or installation of an existing fireplace, it will cost you some money. Be conscious of your budget, not to go overboard and over-capitalise on installation or renovation. This should not be difficult; just keep track of what you’re doing, where the expenses go, and make sure you pick your supplies wisely.


Since you’re installing or repairing a fireplace, might as well accessorise while you’re at it. A fireplace can be added with a lot of things to make it more appealing. For a more classic aesthetic, you can surround the fireplace installation Melbourne with bricks, stones, or wood panelling. If you go with bricks, you can even place them directly above the fireplace due to their excellent resistance to fire.

Essential Parts

Don’t forget why you’re getting a fireplace in the first place. You can put all the bling and make it wonderful for your home, but make sure that it’s working properly and the accessories don’t hinder its functions. Keep in mind to consider functional features as well, such as those that mitigate strange odours, creosote drops, debris, and soot. They may be difficult to hide.

Warm Your Home In Style!


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