How Much Does a Gas Fireplace Installation Melbourne Cost?

What’s great about gas fireplace installation Melbourne is that it offers an energy-efficient way of providing heat for your home, giving you comfort during cold seasons. Not only is a gas fireplace much easier to install than a wood fireplace, it is also typically the more cost-effective option. For homes where fireplaces are not readily installed during the construction stage, most homeowners prefer a gas fireplace among all other home-heating options available in Australia. It is the perfect choice for retrofitting a fireplace into an existing home.

When it comes to cost, installing a gas fireplace will be cheaper than the other popular option, a wood fireplace, by a significant difference due to the absence of masonry work required. The cost of gas fireplace installation Melbourne includes the firebox, vent ducting or pipes, gas pipes, as well as finishing works. However, there are some factors that can affect the cost, such as the length of the existing gas lines (if available), installation of chimney for existing fireplace (if available), suitability of vent, etc., which brings the cost of the installation to anywhere between $1000 to $4500 in Australia. 

Labour cost should also be considered in your budget for a gas fireplace installation Melbourne. All the works and customizations, the necessary enhancements to the fireplace and the connecting vent pipe and gas line will undoubtedly incur additional labour and can greatly affect the cost. If your home comes with a chimney, it can be used for a gas fireplace, though it is not an essential component to the system. If your home does not have a chimney, you can build one just for the appeal – if you fancy one, and of course, if your budget permits.

Gas Fireplace Melbourne

Gas fireplace appearance can be enhanced by adding faux logs or artificial logs. Having these can add to the beauty of your gas fireplace, but it can also increase the cost. Adding mantels and glass doors or other enclosures can also add up to the cost. However, these attachments are non-essentials and are only enhancements that you may or may not decide to include. 

For some houses, a blower or fan may be required to be attached to increase air circulation or venting. This will be decided at the time of installation and can vary the overall cost as well.

The total cost can be intimidating if you’re on a tight budget, but there’s a way you can get a cost-effective gas fireplace installation Melbourne. You can hire the right professionals to provide and install it in your home. We have a team of professionals in Melbourne who are specialising in fireplace installation. We have a range of energy-efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance, and certified gas fireplace models to choose from. Call us now or come visit our office in Melbourne for your inquiries or to arrange an evaluation of your home for a gas fireplace installation.

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